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Rwanda is now regarded as being one of the economically most stable countries in Africa and is becoming increasingly attractive as a result of the very good general macro-economic conditions. The country joined the East African Community (EAC) in 2007, and its volume of business has increased in recent years. After a brief decline due to the Corona pandemic, gross domestic product (GDP) rose again by more than 10 per cent in 2021.

Growth sectors in the country include agricultural processing and the digital economy, as well as the burgeoning pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. The Government is particularly focusing on the latter. Invest for Jobs is supporting and promoting these sectors in cooperation with the Rwanda Development Board and other Rwandan partners. However, our support is not limited to these sectors.

We can help you harness the promising investment opportunities that exist in Rwanda. We offer a tailor-made package of advice, contacts and financial support so that together we can identify and overcome specific investment obstacles. More information about our broad range of offerings is available here.

Are you a small or medium-sized Rwandan company? We can help you enhance your competitiveness or tap into new markets.

You can find further detailed information about Rwanda and the country’s current economic data here:


per cent
of GDP is generated by the service sector (2021)


per cent
of exports to Germany are food (2021)


per cent
of the population has state health insurance (2022)


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This is how Invest for Jobs supported companies in Rwanda during Covid-19 pandemic

Invest for Jobs responded to the new challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic by reorienting their services for companies extremely swiftly and flexibly. Companies in partner countries of the Special Initiative were therefore quickly provided with effective support through the implementation of economic stabilisation measures. The aim was to ensure business continuity, preserve jobs and secure investment for the time being. To achieve this, Invest for Jobs engaged in close dialogue with local partners. These measures contributed to maintaining the positive trends in the economic development in Rwanda throughout the pandemic.

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