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Call for Expression of Interest (EoI) for Private Sector Partnerships with Rwandan Companies

We are looking for Rwandan companies with job-creating investment ideas to collaborate with

You are a Rwanda-based company with an interest to invest in the country with a job-creating growth effect? Then we encourage your company to submit a project concept comprising both business and development cooperation objectives by August 6th. As our collaborating partner you could benefit from reaching a new market, new sourcing channels or better qualified staff. Successful applicants will subsequently be asked to submit more detailed project proposals.

In Rwanda, Invest for Jobs seeks to promote employment effective growth through investment promotion and capacity building measures in support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). As one of the implementing organisations the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is creating opportunities to collaborate with European and African private-sector companies with an interest to invest in Rwanda and strengthen employment-effective growth. These partnerships are meant to support employment creation in Rwanda, improve working conditions, increase opportunities for technical and vocational training and help preserve jobs that have been put at risk by the COVID-19 pandemic. Private partner companies are expected to benefit from collaboration by reaching a new market, new sourcing channels or better qualified staff.

Currently, Rwanda-based companies interested to collaborate are invited to submit a brief technical project concept to the GIZ Rwanda Country Office not later than 6th August 2021.

Companies with eligible project proposals will be considered for an Integrated Development Partnership Agreement with the Private Sector (iDPP) by Invest for Jobs. iDPPs constitute “matching” grant agreements. This means that the private company is expected to provide at least 50% of the funding requirements of the project, while Invest for Jobs can cover the remaining percentage. As a rule, the share must not exceed 50% of total costs on a prime cost basis.

The project concept proposal should be prepared with the help of the information and template ready for download below. The accompanying financial proposal should be prepared in Excel.

Make sure to include information on how the project contributes to the objectives of Invest for Jobs and iDPP. You find a complete list of the relevant Invest for Jobs key performance indicators (KPIs) and governing criteria for iDPPs in Annex 1 and 2. In short, these are the most important objectives your project concept proposal should cover quantitively:

  • Number of newly created employment positions as a result of the measure;
  • Number of people who will benefit from improved working conditions or whose income will improve as a result of the measure;
  • Number of people who will participate in vocational / professional qualification measures as a result of the measure.

The technical project concept should be accompanied by a financial proposal, indicating the funding requirements of the project. The financial proposal should outline both the own contribution of the company to the project as well as the funding request. As a principle, the own contribution of the company is expected to constitute at least 50% of the overall funding needs. Please prepare the financial proposal in an additional excel sheet.

Eligible project concepts (max 2-3 pages) shall be submitted to GIZ Rwanda country office (17 KN 41 St, Kigali, Rwanda) via hardcopies or softcopies saved on flash disks or sent via email to not later than 6th August 2021.

Please note that this EoI is executed by GIZ and not to be confused with the Call for Proposals of the Facility Investing for Employment earlier this year.

Applicants with suitable project concepts will be shortlisted and invited for a project presentation meeting by GIZ, either virtually, through an MS Teams call, or in person in the project office in Kigali. Successful bidders will then be invited to prepare and submit a more detailed project proposal.


Annex 1: Invest for Jobs KPIs

Annex 2: iDPP governing criteria

Annex 3: Project concept template

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