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Bootcamp for promising start-ups from Ghana and Rwanda

The African European Digital Venture Program (AEDV) helps a second batch of African start-ups to bring their digital business models to life

After a first edition in 2020, a second batch of start-ups from Ghana and Rwanda have been selected by the African European Digital Venture Program (AEDV) of UnternehmerTUM, center for innovation at the Technical University of Munich. The teams will pitch their ideas in front of the Munich ecosystem during an online event on 19.11.

MEGABIT, Mariketa, UmuravaWork, Smart Billboard, Higaneza, Nokwary Technologies, BD Waste, Swoove and Insurerity Digital will be supported this fall by the AEDV Program. The program is set up to help these motivated African teams in their pre-incubation phase to bring their digital business models to life internationally. They will learn how to develop a solid business model strategy, create a value proposition, become a dedicated entrepreneurial team, bring about a minimum viable product (MVP) and optimize their pitch deck and pitching skills.

Powered by UnternehmerTUM, the AEDV is also provided by the Digital Skills Accelerator Africa (DSAA) partner companies, who will act as mentors for the start-ups and match their own trainees with the young companies. DSAA is a registered association of companies in the digital services sector and whose member have the common goal of inspiring, training and employing talented people in Africa for and in the IT sector.

The AEDV Program includes a two-weeks bootcamp, a one-month coaching and mentoring sessions in a variety of topics such as product design, agile, business creation and leadership. It will be rounded up with need-based modules including two ecosystem events like Hack'nTalk (find your co-founder) on 03.11 and the E-Night (International Entrepreneurs' night, African European special edition) on 19.11 with deep dives on DSAA and ADEV activities and where the teams will pitch their start-up ideas in front of the Munich ecosystem.

If you are interested in attending the E-Night, please sign-up here to get the invitations.

In partnership with: XPLORE by UnternehmerTUM, Digital Product School by UnternehmerTUM, AmaliTech gGmbH, Code of Africa

This program is supported by the Special Initiative "Decent Work for a Just Transition", which operates under the brand Invest for Jobs.


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