Launch of the Rwanda GBS Growth Initiative

The Rwanda Global Business Services Growth Initiative

Launch of a new initiative promising the prospect of employment opportunities in the Global Business Services sector

Invest for Jobs supports the launch of the Rwanda Global Business Services (GBS) Growth Initiative. This transformative mission aims to support job creation in the GBS sector and position Rwanda as a global GBS destination by facilitating market entry, upskilling the sector’s workforce, and advocating for the interests of companies in GBS.

Invest for Jobs supported the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation (MINICT) and Harambee, a social enterprise that focuses on connecting young unemployed job seekers with opportunities in the job market, with the launch of the Rwanda Global Business Services (GBS) Growth Initiative. The launch was officially celebrated on September 28th, 2023 at the Kigali Convention Centre. This initiative shall set the stage for the Rwanda GBS sector to develop to its full potential and marks a significant leap forward in positioning Rwanda as a leading GBS destination.

The Rwanda GBS Growth Initiative’s main objective is to grow the GBS sector in Rwanda, to create high quality employment for young Rwandans, drive exports, grow the Rwandan government´s revenue base, and offer competitive profits to companies. The joint industry initiative is driven by three mandates: (1) Support for market entry in Rwanda (one-stop store for investors), (2) promotion of investment-enabling conditions, and (3) education and training of a skilled workforce.

The GBS sector consists of international companies that leverage a range of outsourcing functions, including finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, information technology, and customer service. By doing so, they harness the unique advantages of foreign markets, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency. In 2019 the sector found its wings in Rwanda. Today, the transformation is nothing short of remarkable. Sixteen international GBS companies have chosen Rwanda as their operational base, a stark contrast to the mere two that existed in the early days of 2019. These companies have emerged as beacons of economic growth, having generated over 1,750 decent jobs for young Rwandans in the past years.

However, this success story does not end here. The goal of the Initiative is to create at least 4,000 decent jobs by 2025 in the GBS sector. ‘I've been drawn to the sector because of the opportunity to create jobs for young Rwandans,’ remarked Charlotte Karera, the newly appointed executive of the Initiative, highlighting the human-centric approach of the initiative’s vision. The Rwanda GBS Growth Initiative has a far-reaching vision that extends into the future. The next steps will serve all three mandates and include, among others, the promotion and representation of Rwanda at global events to build and sustain investor interest, compiling regular sector updates, resolving all pending issues of the industry and lastly working towards an alignment of skilling programmes with the current industry needs.

The official launch event not only unveiled the main objectives and the vision of the Rwanda GBS Growth Initiative, but also emphasized the importance for a collaborative approach regarding the upskilling of the Rwandan workforce. ‘We have young people looking for opportunities, and the Rwanda GBS Growth Initiative will skill them and create efficiencies across the economy that will have a multiplier effect on our economic growth,’ Minister of ICT and Innovation Paula Ingabire emphasized.

As Rwanda opens its doors wider to the world, the call to action for companies is clear: Whether already operating in Rwanda or exploring new opportunities, the Rwanda GBS Growth Initiative offers a golden opportunity to be part of a thriving sector.


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