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Morocco is seen as an important partner country for Germany and the European Union. As a result of its reform efforts, its economically favourable location at the north-western tip of Africa and comprehensive plans for developing industry, agriculture and infrastructure, Morocco offers many attractive investment opportunities. In addition to the food industry, the automotive industry is one of the country’s big growth markets. The Special Initiative is targeting these two sectors for support. In cooperation with our Moroccan partners, we are assisting industrial and business parks, among other things, in becoming attractive business hubs.

However, our activities are not limited to these sectors. Morocco is full of promising investment opportunities that are yours for the taking. We offer a tailor-made package of advice, contacts and financial support to help you identify and overcome specific local investment obstacles. More information about our broad range of offerings is available here.

Are you a small or medium-sized Moroccan enterprise? We can help you enhance your competitiveness or tap into new markets.

You can find further detailed information about Morocco and the country’s current economic data here:


per cent
of GDP is gene-rated through agriculture (2022)


per cent
of the population has internet access (2022)


per cent
of people are younger than 25 (2022)

This is how Invest for Jobs supported companies in Morocco during the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Invest for Jobs has supported local companies with economic stabilisation measures. The aim was to preserve jobs and secure investments in close dialogue with its partners in Morocco. This way, a contribution was made to consolidating the positive trends in the country’s economic development beyond the pandemic.

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