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Webinar series on the new EU-organic regulation for companies in Africa

Learn about the new EU-organic regulation and its consequences for your company

Coming into force by 1st January 2022, the new EU-organic regulation will entail substantial changes for producers in African countries. Affected companies and those who are generally interested in organic certification are invited to participate in a webinar series hosted by the GfRS (Society for Resource Protection) between 25th of October and 12th of November 2021. The three sessions held in English, French, and Arabic will deal with new rules for production and processing, elaborate on adapted trading solutions, and introduce potential ways to connect with European buyers. Do not miss out on this opportunity and register for the event until Friday 22nd October.

Having worked for various European certification bodies, the Swiss Research Institute for Organic Agriculture and the Organic Unit of DG AGRI of the European Commission, the speakers draw from wide-ranging experience with organic certification and accreditation. Over the event series, they will equip participants with knowledge about the new EU-organic regulation crucially needed for smooth continuation of organic product export into the EU or successful first-time organic certification. Finally, expertise about EU custom procedures will be shared with participants, guiding African companies along their entry into and enlargement of business activities within the vast EU markets for organic goods.

In this context webinars fit for several countries are being offered (Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Ghana, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Tunisia). Sessions will be held from 25th October until 12th November, divided into three parts:

  • Webinar on the new EU-organic regulation
  • Webinar on certification of organic products
  • Webinar on export market connection

Please find more information about the specific dates, contents and speakers in the Flyer in English, French, or Arabic.

You can register for the webinar of your choice by scanning the QR code:


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Invest for Jobs supports this project, which is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH through our partner, the Alliance for Product Quality in Africa.


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