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Call for EoI: Private Sector Partnerships in Rwanda

Join forces with us to create good jobs in Rwanda and submit your Expression of Interest by 24th April 2023

If you are an international company aspiring to expand to Rwanda with an investment plan that will create jobs, we can assist you with you project. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has launched a Call for Expression of Interest (EoI) within the framework of Invest for Jobs.

Are you an international company seeking to capitalize on opportunities to develop a new market, new sourcing channels, or better-qualified staff? Do you also meet the criteria of being a private company that has been in operation for at least two years, is profit-oriented, contributes to sustainable development beyond the scope of your core business, and seeks to invest in Rwanda with the purpose of job creation?

If yes, Invest for Jobs welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with your company and support your efforts to achieve employment-effective growth.

Please note that the maximum amount of public funding available is 50 per cent of the total project cost. The assessment process will only consider concepts that meet the minimum criteria. 

For more information and the application template to use, kindly follow this link: leverist.de - Discover new business opportunities in emerging markets. | leverist.de (EN)

Questions in relation to this call for Expression of Interest can be asked via email to rwanda@invest-for-jobs.com until April 18th, 2023, at the latest.

Please note that this Expression of Interest is executed by GIZ and not to be confused with Calls for Proposals of the Facility Investing for Employment / KfW.


We are looking forward to hearing from you

Please refer to the Data Protection Statement for information about your rights and options for withdrawing your consent.

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