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Chambers and associations as competence providers

German chambers and associations have extensive know-how in promoting competitiveness as well as in the training and qualification of skilled workers in line with the labour market.

In order to mobilise these competences for the promotion of African SMEs and business-related vocational training, the Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation has developed its own programme: "PartnerAfrica" is the offering for vocational training as well as chamber and association partnerships. We support measures for vocational qualification or the development of chambers and associations in the partner countries - if possible in close cooperation with companies. The prerequisite: projects must contribute to the creation of training or jobs and to the promotion of investments in the partner countries.

Financial support

Depending on the requirements, the project funds available range from approx. 250,000 euros to 500,000 euros per year. The duration of the projects is usually three to four years.

Support by competent partners

The implementation is carried out by sequa, a global non-profit development organisation with expertise and experience in chamber and professional development. Would you like to find out more?

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Get in touch with us

You are interested in a cooperation? Then use our contact form or send us an e-mail to info@invest-for-jobs.com. We will be pleased to help you free of charge and without any obligation.


Our experts identify suitable partners

Our experienced consultants identify suitable vocational training institutions or chambers and associations that fit your project and make our network available to you.


We help with the initiation and implementation of your partnerships

If desired, we can support you in concretising partnerships that contribute to the professional qualification or further development of chambers and associations in the partner countries.


Finding suitable funding opportunities

We help you to find the ideal financial support for the development of your partnerships.


Going into project implementation with a strong team

Our international teams of the implementing organisations accompany you with advice or directly on site during the development of your partnerships.

Our advisory and financing services at a glance

PartnerAfrica – Support to chambers and associations

With the PartnerAfrica programme implemented by sequa the Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation addresses German chambers and business associations. Based on the model of Business Membership Organization (BMO) Partnerships (KVP) and Vocational Education and Training Partnerships (BBP), PartnerAfrica mobilizes the know-how of German business organizations to contribute to the objectives of Invest for Jobs: the creation of training offers and jobs as well as the promotion of investments in the partner countries.

PartnerAfrica projects can be implemented in all partner countries of Invest for Jobs. Possible project measures include e.g. practice-oriented vocational training, capacity development of BMOs or the promotion of value chains. Each project can be financed with 250.000 Euro to 500.000 Euro a year depending on its needs. The projects usually have a duration of three to four years.

Business organizations interested in the programme can present a project outline to sequa at any time. More detailed information can be found on the website of sequa:

Link website: PartnerAfrica (sequa.de)