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Facility IFE Grievance Mechanism

This web-page is designed to handle Program grievances
including any unresolved Project grievances

This grievance mechanism only applies to the Facility IFE and not to other instruments of the Special Initiative "Decent Work for a Just Transition", “Invest for Jobs” and their respective implementing organisations. We want to give applicants, grantees, individuals, companies, organisations or other affected parties – who believe that they have been or may be negatively affected by the Facility IFE – the opportunity to submit a complaint.

Before submitting a complaint, please read the respective data protection notice and the notice consent carefully (Information on data protection and Declaration of consent). It is possible to use the grievance mechanism without information about your identity. If you decide to disclose your identity, we need your consent for this.

Please note that we differentiate between Program Grievance and Project Grievance. This allows for a more efficient investigation and response by ensuring the complaint is handled by the appropriate party and in the appropriate manner.

There are two types of grievances that are based on the following definitions:

Program grievance (managed by IFE):Project grievance (managed by the individual Grantee):
for any Complaints or issues raised by the Applicants or Grantees as part of the application process, contract negotiation, disbursement or any IFE requirements associated to the project implementation.

for any Complaints or issues raised by persons or entities, who feel negatively affected by the Grantees’ activities under the IFE supported Project. A Project grievance may escalate to a Program grievance in case of failure to find a positive resolution.

This web-page is designed to exclusively handle Program grievances

For grievances associated with a Project you need to contact the Grantee directly, and register your complaint under the grievance mechanism they have established in accordance with the IFE Environmental and Social Management System.

In case your Project Grievance has already been investigated by the Grantee but failed to find a positive resolution, you may submit it on this page. You will need to provide its reference number and all documents communicated to you by the Grantee.

Program grievance

Below you will find an overview of the main steps of the procedure:

  • In order to file a Program Grievance, please complete the form below. You will facilitate the grievance process by providing clear, concise, and factual information.

  • Within 5 business days you will receive a confirmation of receipt from the IFE Complaint Officer together with a statement on the expected processing time.  
  • The Complaints Officer will further coordinate the clarification of your request with the involvement of all required departments.
  • Should we determine that additional information is required for thorough clarification and that processing will take longer as a result, we will inform you accordingly.
  • We will respond to you in writing about results on your complaint and any actions taken by the Facility IFE. By email if we have your email address, or by post to the specified address.
  • You will be requested to provide a response on the proposed resolution so that the grievance can be updated accordingly and closed.

Please enter your contact information and grievance here:

Grievance Registration Form