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Find out with which measures jobs are preserved thanks to Invest for Jobs.

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Preserving jobs, securing investment

Many African countries have been enjoying continuous political stabilisation and high economic growth for several years. This has made them increasingly attractive for European and African companies and investors. Right now the global corona pandemic and its economic impacts are slowing down this welcome trend. Millions of jobs might be lost, and companies face the threat of revenue losses and bankruptcy.

Through economic stabilisation measures in affected countries, the Special Initiative "Decent Work for a Just Transition" is helping to preserve jobs and secure investments. In close dialogue with our partners we are currently reorienting our services for companies, so that for the time being they can quickly help ensure business continuity and preserve jobs.

To stabilise local economic structures during the crisis, maintain supply chains and safeguard jobs, we are now focussing our work even more strongly on cooperation with African SMEs. In this way Invest for Jobs is also helping make companies more resilient to future challenges.

Our information sheet provides you with insights into our measures against the ongoing pandemic.



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