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Webhelp sets up a new BPO location in Ghana

Webhelp completes successful Due Diligence in Ghana with support from Invest for Jobs.

Invest for Jobs facilitated a successful Due Diligence in Accra, Ghana. Since, Ghana offers a promising business environment, the BPO-company Webhelp and its client, a major European airline, will expand their partnership and build a new location in the West African country. This has the potential to create good jobs on-site.

Founded in 2000 and with more than 18,000 employees, Webhelp has over 20 years of experience in providing digital customer management, e-commerce, and financial services to leading international clients. Invest for Jobs accompanied Webhelp, member of the Digital Skills Accelerator Africa (DSAA), for one year to support its market entry to Ghana. The main objectives of this collaboration are to help potential investors to overcome investment barriers and ultimately create sustainable jobs in the digital sector. Through the support of Invest for Jobs, Webhelp gained access to relevant data, to a network of local stakeholders and potential trainees on-site. As part of this advisory package, Invest for Jobs organised a three-day Due Diligence in Ghana in July 2022. A Due Diligence is an investigation to analyse and mitigate risks before entering a new market or partnerships. Thanks to its successful evaluation, Webhelp was able to showcase what the country has to offer and could ultimately persuade its airline client to support the new BPO location.

During the Due Diligence, it was important for Webhelp and its client to pre-assess the infrastructure and the overall business environment and to get a first impression of the local talent base. Therefore, Invest for Jobs coordinated visits to potential office spaces, meetings with political stakeholders and other BPOs or city tours so that Webhelp and its client could get an overall feeling for the existing business conditions. Invest for Jobs also invited nine graduates of the DSAA member companies AmaliTech and getINNOtized who could already share their experiences on working with international BPOs. This exchange posed a great opportunity to evaluate the language-, soft- and communication skills of potential employees and to find out what motivates people to work for a BPO company and what benefits they expect in return.

Following the successful Due Diligence, Webhelp’s client decided to invest in Ghana and gave the green light for the new location. With further support from Invest for Jobs and their airline client, Webhelp will start their operations as of this year and aims to create good jobs.


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