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The Facility IFE supports Mas Metal in Tunesia

North Africa is experiencing a construction boom. The company wants to from this boom and offer locally manufactured products.

The company Polybat SA, together with Mas Metal and as part of a consortium, has succeeded in qualifying for a grant from the Facility Investing for Employment. The Facility is part of Invest for Jobs. Together with consortium partners, the company will manufacture aluminium profiles and fittings in Tunisia and market them regionally.

Last year, Mas Metal had participated in one of the competition rounds of the Facility Investing for Employment. The company belongs to the Mas Group. Mas Metal will invest approximately 13 million euros in setting up production facilities for building materials. This includes aluminium profiles and fittings, which are needed for the construction of doors and windows, among other things. The products are also to be marketed regionally. Libya, Senegal, and Côte d'Ivoire are considered promising markets. Mas Metal also wants to work closely with Tunisian installers to increase customer satisfaction. Only then will Mas Metal’s offer be able to compete against the high-quality imported products. The investment will create new jobs at Mas Metal as well as at suppliers and customers.

On 7 June 2022, the grant agreement with a volume of 6.53 million euros was signed in Tunis. With this, Investing for Employment is taking over almost half of the investment costs of the project. The funds will mainly be used to pay for construction measures and the purchase of machinery.

The Facility Investing for Employment will disburse the funds in tranches. The disbursement is linked to the achievement of firmly agreed interim targets.

The signing took place in the presence of Georg Felsheim, envoy at the German Embassy in Tunis, and Anke Afflerbach, IFE Managing Director. Linda Amous, Managing Director of Mas Metal, and Bayrem Kamoun, Managing Director of Polybat, signed as grant recipients. Georg Felsheim congratulated the company: ‘Several hundred Tunisian candidates applied for an IFE grant last year. A total of six companies were selected. We are sure that with these cooperations we can make an important contribution to job creation in Tunisia.’

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