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Sustainable Finance Trainings for the Banking Ecosystem

Egyptian banks take a step towards sustainable finance with a specialised programme for relationship managers

Exploring the strategic significance of sustainable financial solutions and effective risk management, Invest for Jobs supports a comprehensive four-day training programme on sustainable finance taking place this July. Participants get the chance to position themselves as pioneers in green lending and to pave the way for a greener and more prosperous future.

In an era where sustainable development and environmental responsibility take centre stage, the financial sector is increasingly recognising the significance of green finance. By aligning with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mitigating environmental risks, and capitalising on opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy, banks are transitioning towards green finance. Once the importance of green finance has been acknowledged by bank management, it is equally crucial to provide training to relationship managers. These frontline professionals play a pivotal role in effectively communicating the value proposition of sustainable financial products and services to clients, managing environmental risks, and identifying emerging opportunities. To address this need, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Egypt in the context of Invest for Jobs, and the Commercial International Bank (CIB) have partnered to offer a comprehensive four-day online training programme tailored to relationship managers.

This programme shall support banks and other relevant stakeholders to broaden the range of sustainable financing instruments available to companies, in order to enable them to continue to play their role in investment, growth and employment. The scope of this programme includes the development of technical guidance, standards, and tools on sustainable finance, which will have a direct impact on quality of life, job creation and reduction of inequity. The online training is currently taking place and was open for applications to all relationship managers of Egyptian banks in medium and senior positions. It fosters a deep understanding of green finance and its potential benefits. Relationship managers explore the importance of green finance for both clients and the environment, recognising the positive impacts it can have on sustainable development. By gaining insights into green financial products and their features, relationship managers will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to identify purpose-driven solutions that meet client needs and align with sustainability objectives.

Furthermore, relationship managers will learn how to assess and manage environmental risks associated with investments. By integrating environmental risk analysis into their lending practices, they can ensure that financing decisions align with sustainable principles and contribute to positive environmental outcomes. This aspect of the training will emphasize the importance of responsible banking and the role relationship managers play in mitigating potential risks.

As the demand for sustainable investments grows, relationship managers need to identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities in the market. By understanding the landscape of green finance in both the Egyptian and international markets, relationship managers will be able to guide clients towards profitable and sustainable instruments. The training will explore the benefits and value proposition of sustainable finance products, highlighting the potential long-term success for banks that engage in this growing sector.

Additionally, relationship managers will learn strategies for marketing and external communication to incentivise companies to apply for green finance instruments. By conveying the value of these instruments and demonstrating their positive impacts, relationship managers can foster awareness and demand, ultimately driving the growth of sustainable finance in the Egyptian banking ecosystem.

Through case studies and practical examples, the participating relationship managers will learn how to conduct cost-benefit analyses for green loan customers. This knowledge will enable them to effectively communicate the tangible benefits of green finance to clients, strengthening their value proposition.

The future of banking lies in embracing green finance and integrating sustainability into everyday operations. Relationship managers play a critical role in driving this transformation. The four-day online training programme is a vital opportunity for relationship managers to become pioneers and advocates for green lending within the Egyptian banking ecosystem. The training is being conducted by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, a leading business school in Europe that focuses on finance and management through research, education, and advisory services. By attending, participants enhance their understanding of green finance, learn to effectively communicate its strategic significance, and position themselves as key drivers of sustainable banking practices. With a certificate of attendance from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management as a testament to their knowledge and commitment, relationship managers will be well-equipped to guide their clients towards a greener and more prosperous future.


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