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Ethiopian textile goods succeed European quality control

Kabana leather, Shimena Enterprise and Enzi Footwear are ready for markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Three Ethiopian small and medium companies are getting marketing and fashion industry expert assistance to enter the European market through financial support from the Special Initiative "Decent Work for a Just Transition" under Sequa’s administration. Enzi footwear, Kabana leather and Shimena enterprise are the first batch of companies that are being promoted in the international business to business market.

With the support of a marketing expert three companies get ready for the international market and took a benefit in branding, story-line positioning, product strategy development, etc. according to each company’s needs. A fashion industry expert has also been supporting the companies in trend identification, style selection with view to their upcoming winter and summer collections. Samples from the collections will now be pitched to various stores in Austria, Germany and Switzerland..

Once products are launched in the international market orders could increase sales up to 25% in winter 2021 and 50% in summer 2022. It’s projected that such great increase in sales will drive up expansion and employment in all three companies.

Kabana leather is a company producing a variety of handmade stylish leather products such as women’s purses, handbags, wallets and other items.

Shimena is an enterprise that produces hand woven textiles from locally sourced raw cotton. It was founded in 2014 with the objective of preserving the traditional hand weaving culture and transferring the traditional skill of older artisans to the younger generation. Shimena produces traditional hand-woven scarves, throws, beach wear, bed covers and table runners.

Enzi shoes is a high-end shoe making industry that produces hand-made men’s footwear from start to finish. It’s currently engaged in making classic men sneakers from leather.

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