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Call for Applications for textile and apparel companies in Ghana

Unlock opportunities for job creation with targeted small grants and submit your application by 10 July 2023.

Invest for Jobs has set up a Call for Applications for export-oriented Ghanaian companies in the textile and apparel sector. It is offering small, targeted grants to support businesses in their development and the creation of good local jobs. The deadline for application is 10 July. 

The textile and apparel sector is considered a strategic industry for creating jobs and increasing export potential in many Africa countries. Disruptions and logistical challenges along global supply chains have propelled key players/brands/retailers to diversify their value chains. Although Africa stands to benefit from this increased global interest, many textile and garment manufacturers in Africa are unable to take full advantage of the opportunities due to limited capital.

That is why Invest for Jobs has set up a grant scheme aimed at providing small grants to export-oriented textile and garment manufacturers in Ghana to enable them respond to international buyer requests.

The funds will be awarded solely for acquisition of equipment/machinery which local manufacturers would require to respond to verifiable buyer requests. The scheme, known as UNSEAL (Unlocking Sustainable Employments via Access to Liquidity) would also comprise a ‘Green Component’ which focuses on increasing the energy efficiency within the beneficiary factories via the carrying out of energy audits and the implementation of energy management systems. 

Invest for Jobs has been active in Ghana’s textile and apparel sector via several interventions which have targeted both small and large sized textile and garment units. Notable among them is the Africa Fashion & Textile Accelerator Network (Africa FAN).
Africa FAN seeks to increase the quantity, quality and sales reach of sustainable textile and garment produced in Africa. It has provided several trainings and capacity building platforms to enhance the ability of local Small and Medium-sized companies or manufactures in the textile and garment sector to respond to the sourcing requirements of international buyers or retailers. Through Africa FAN, some local firms have been supported to participate in international fairs (Ethiopia and Paris) while some international brands/retailers have been attracted via ‘buyer journeys’ to explore sourcing opportunities in Ghana. Successful collaborations were created after satisfactory production of samples and trial orders by the local companies.

UNSEAL comes as a funding opportunity which strongly complements the technical support that Invest for Jobs, alongside other interventions in the sector, has been providing.

Interested? You can find more information about the Call for Applications here and the application form here.
For more information, please contact ghana@invest-for-jobs.com.


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