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Bamboo Bed Production for Health Facilities Promotes Job Creation

Arrival of Senegalese cotton in Ethiopia - Bamboo Beds for Covid-19 relief measure can go into production

The Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation supports the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry during the Corona pandemic in facilitating the manufacturing of 20.000 camp beds made from locally produced bamboo and quality cotton from Senegal. The first cotton delivery arrived in Ethiopia on January 12th 2021. The beds will be distributed to rural health stations to help address the expected surge of patients in these locations.

With this significant order, the Ministry proactively addresses the loss of jobs in both the bamboo and the textile industry during times of job insecurity in Ethiopia.

The bamboo used for the bedframes is produced in rural areas in the South and West of Ethiopia. For beddings, the material chosen is superior quality cotton from Senegal. By importing cotton from Senegal to Ethiopia, both Governments aim at setting a precedence for the inner-African trade with commodities. Invest for Jobs supports this initiative through provision of funds and technical expertise in the cotton and bamboo sectors.

With arrival of the cotton delivery in Ethiopia this week, the local production of camp beds can now start.

Information about the bamboo production for the camp beds can be found in the following videos of the German Information Centre Africa:


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