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While African countries increasingly offer attractive prospects for companies, well-trained and qualified specialists are urgently needed in many countries. Often there is a lack of opportunities to complete practical training and further education.

Together with German non-governmental organisations, stakeholders from the education sector and the private sector, we want to reduce these gaps in order to provide important incentives for sustainable growth and employment in our African partner countries. We support projects that bring people into employment, improve working conditions as well as income and increase the number of graduates in training measures.

If your non-governmental organisation would like to get involved in one of these areas, we are pleased to advise you on our funding opportunities. Also relevant are projects promoting the ecological and social sustainability of companies and business locations - including trade and industry.

Financial support

The project volume for funding is between 1 million and 3 million euros. The NGO’s own share of the project volume is 25 percent. The project duration is up to four years.

Are you interested in a cooperation?

Applications may be submitted by non-profit civil society organisations based and operating in Germany with at least three years' project experience which are already receiving funding from Engagement Global. This applies to you? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Setting impulses for sustainable growth with Invest for Jobs - This is how it works!


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As a non-governmental organisation you are interested in a cooperation and would like to realise a project idea? Then use our contact form or send us an e-mail to info@invest-for-jobs.com. We will be happy to help you free of charge and without any obligations.


Our experts analyse your project idea

Our experienced consultants analyse your project idea, advise you on funding opportunities and make our network available to you.


We help with the initiation and implementation of your project

If desired, we will support you in concretizing your project and put you in touch with experienced, non-governmental organizations on site that are suitable partners for you and your project.


Finding the best funding opportunities

Get the ideal financial support: If your non-governmental organisation would like to get involved, we can help you identify suitable funding opportunities.


Entering the project implementation with a strong team

Our international teams of the implementing organisations accompany you with advice or directly on site during the implementation of your project.